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A little feminist

Mar 25, 2014   //   by eahill   //   Blog  //  No Comments

So I’m going to veer away from the leadership and business topics for a post to bring you a little feminism.  Now, to be clear, I do not go around spouting off the stereotypical feminist speak to every person I meet.  That kind of attitude works for some women, but not for me.  I do, however, express feminist views when the topic comes up, when it moves me into speaking about it, and to the people in my life.  I feel strongly that the role for women in society is far and away held to a different standard than a men’s roles in society.  We are taught, at a very young age, that how we appear physically is valued above our thoughts and our mind.

Tracy Spicer is an Australian journalist and media personality that gave a TED talk recently about this very subject.  She has a lot of sass, but extremely valid points on our role as women in society and drives the point home with a live demonstration of deconstructing every day behaviors that we have adopted as standard.  Women get this.  Men take a little convincing when it comes to this.  Something I would impress upon the people of today is to not hold each other to different standards, but to hold us all to the same standard.  Life is unfair and the standards are not the same, but with support from both men and women, we can change that.

Watch all of Tracy’s TED talk here.


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