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About Beth

bethprofileDon’t underestimate the person you read about on this site.  Tiny and fierce; intelligent and strong; energetic and effervescent; a force of nature.  I have a strong desire to create things and love to keep myself busy by doing any number of crafty things.  

I’m passionate about three things right now: crafts, living green (and what that means to me) and fitness.  Crafting has always been a part of my life thanks to the tutelage of my mom.  While her finished sewing projects have seams that are sewn to perfection, mine leave a little something to be desired.  I learned to pay attention to the details of my work through her.  I don’t just stop at sewing but enjoy knitting, crocheting (don’t tell the knitters or we’ll have a full-blown Sharks vs. Jets brawl), scrapbooking, journaling, origami, writing, mandala coloring, jewelry making, decoupaging and any others that draw my attention.

In recent years I’ve been trying to use found objects or re-purpose old materials for my crafting supplies.  While it’s a difficult journey to rely solely on these kinds of resources, I try my best.  About 10 years ago I was inspired by the tiniest of books to start a “green” journey.  It’s Easy Being Green: The Handbook for Earth-Friendly Living, jump-started my enthusiasm for being kind to mother nature.  In true Aries fashion, I embraced these new ideas like a force of nature by reading many other books and websites.  I started researching and learning more about ways to incorporate these ideas into my own life.  I got hooked on a website called The Ideal Bite (it no longer exists), that used to send one earth-friendly tip a day right to your email inbox.  It was inspiring and made it simple to start this path.  

Today, thanks to that little book, my own research, and people in my life, I’ve kept many of these ideals going.  My hope is to one day can my own food and be involved in a CSA.  I truly hope I inspire others to adopt some of these same ideals without jamming it down their throats.  I believe in the golden rule of “Lead by Example”.  

In following this golden rule, I’ve been doing something I’ve never “had” to do in my life.  For the past couple of years I’ve been working out on a regular basis.  About 5 years ago I came across a website called Bodyrock.tv and fell in love with the short  exercises.  I tried a few workouts but just did not stick with them.  A few years later I started working out again and this time it stuck! Now, they’ve revamped their website and become The Daily HIIT.  I want to inspire people to live a healthy life and learn that strong is the new skinny.  While I’ve always been petite, I have not always been fit and that is more valuable to me than being thin could ever be.