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Everday Leadership

Dec 8, 2014   //   by eahill   //   Exercise  //  No Comments

How do you define the role of leadership? Leadership comes in so many forms and our acknowledgement of its forms can change our perception of it. I often say that leadership isn’t taught.  I believe that many people out there believe themselves to be leaders when they merely manage people. To me, leadership is about being an inspiration to those around you. You may not even know the impact you have on others.  I always thought leadership was some what intentional in some sense because it meant you were holding an elevated position in life. I tend to associate it with the professional aspect of things, but I also know leadership can align itself in my personal life.

When I was in high school I was drum major of my marching band (yeah, band geek here). We had practices every day, shows every Friday night, and competitions every Saturday for the duration of the fall season. I was a leader without knowing what that meant. I had the ability to inspire those around me.  What if we changed the way we view leadership?  What if it isn’t as intentional as we thought?  I found a short Ted Talk on this and I liked what this gentleman had to say.

Get inspired here!


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