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It’s a Digital World

Jan 3, 2014   //   by eahill   //   Blog  //  No Comments

I am always looking for ways to use my digital devices to their fullest potential.  Now that I’ve joined the ranks of many before me by switching from iPhone to an Android device, I’m finding just how enjoyable it can be.  Rather than it being an over priced mp3 player, I’m finding that the Galaxy S4 is so much more.  Along with my newfound love of the Galaxy is my rediscovery of Evernote.

I came across a great blog post by Jamie Rubin  called Going Paperless and I’m going to give it a go.  I like to do my research before committing to something fully (i.e. big purchases like cars, phones (I heart you Galaxy), computers, etc.), but he makes using Evernote extremely accessible.  I plan to go completely paperless in the next year.

I won’t consider this a New Year’s resolutions as I often find that setting that kind of expectation on a life changes leads to failure.  Too much pressure!  I’m going to put my mind to it and make it happen.  It’s important to me to leave a small footprint on this planet and, although a small step, it’s a step in the direction I want to go.  You can find all kinds of helpful links, browser extensions, and programs to download for free to make using Evernote super easy.  You can download it for your computer (Mac or PC) and phone.  It syncs seamlessly with all devices so you can access lists, photos, notes, maps, videos manuals, whatever, from anywhere.  Give it a shot and let me know what you think!


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