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Keep Taking Notes: Evernote

Mar 10, 2014   //   by eahill   //   Exercise  //  No Comments

I truly enjoy training and developing other people.  The idea that I can help someone learn something new and they will use those skills in their professional life is very satisfying to me.  I’m going to create some training videos to help myself and to help others out.

I’m going to focus my training series on Evernote.  Earlier in the year I explained my desire to “go paperless” so it’s crucial to me to learn more about the benefits of using this application.  There’s an overwhelming amount of information online about using Evernote so I’ll bring you tutorials as I learn more about the app.  I chose Evernote because it’s flexible and easily integrateable across many platforms, accessible by multiple users, and has been around long enough for it to be a fluid, and easy app to use.  This is a simple tutorial on creating a simple note in Evernote.  It’s not a complex because that it can be overwhelming even for the tech savvy so starting small will  help later when you want to use Evernote to it’s full advantage.


You can also watch this video on YouTube!  youtube


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