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Take Note of This

Dec 20, 2014   //   by eahill   //   Blog  //  No Comments

I haven’t addressed my progress on using Evernote for quite awhile. I’m happy to say that it’s become one of the most useful and handy organizational tools I’ve latched on to. I am a fan of making lists and writing things down and Evernote has really made me step up my game in that area. I wrote a blog post at the beginning of the year about a man that has gone entirely paperless (something I’m still hoping to achieve) and how Evernote was integral in achieving that success in his personal life. Now, almost year later I’m well on my way of reaching my going paperless goal (fingers crossed).

I’ve managed to collect all my owner’s manuals and put them in one place. No more searching in the filing cabinet if I need to figure out how something works. I’ve created flowcharts, clipped internet articles, written blog posts, grocery lists, and planned activities thanks to this handy tool. Initially, I was just creating notes and notebooks without really knowing how they could be useful, but then I started using it when I was out and about. If I had a thought about something then I’d make a note in Evernote. If I wanted to remember a gift I was going to get for someone or some crafty inspiration then I’d put it in Evernote. As I’ve trucked along finding my way through this amazing free tool, I’ve really come to rely on it.

I’ve planned entire events since everything from links to websites, addresses for venues, supplies I’ll need, and who will be attending all get logged in the same place. Searching for what I need is really easy with the use of tags and naming conventions. I can even make hand written notes and record them easily without typing a thing. What’s made this so wonderful for me is that it syncs with everything. Having access at home, on my phone, and at work has been such a life line for me at times.

I found this article about 6 Creative Ways to Use Evernote and it reminded me of just how far I’ve come.  What I like most about this article is that I’ve already used Evernote for all of these reasons. If you haven’t already hopped on board this organizational train it’s really worth a shot. Take a look at some of my training videos on how to get started if you feel overwhelmed or stuck. Click the Videos tab at the top of my website!



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